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Ryan Schriever, Attorney

Ryan J. Schriever is an experienced Worker's Compensation Attorney from Springville, Utah. Ryan attended schools in Springville, including Art City Elementary, Springville Middle School, Springville Junior High and Springville High School.  Ryan has handled hundreds of worker's compensation cases for people from all over Utah County, including Springville.

Ryan gladly offers free consultations to clients with questions about their worker's compensation insurance and worker's compensation benefits. If you have been denied worker's compensation benefits, Ryan can help.

Andrew Penrod has deep roots in Springville, Utah. Andrew is a proud graduate of Springville High School and proudly wears his Red Devil heritage. He is an active member of the Springville community.  If you have questions about a worker's compensation claim and you live in or around Springville, Utah, Andrew can help.

Our worker's compensation clients appreciate Andrew's thorough handling of their claims and his attention to detail. Andrew offers free consultations to any person injured at work who has questions about worker's compensation benefits.

If you have questions about your own worker's compensation benefits, give Andrew a call today.

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Andrew Penrod, Attorney

How Can a Springville Worker's Compensation Attorney Help?

Local is better. If you live in or around Springville, Utah, the Schriever Law Firm is close. We are easily accessible in person, on the phone, and via text. You can also set up a videoconference meeting with you to discuss your case. Hiring a Worker's Compensation Attorney from Springville means you will have an advocate that understands the local culture and knows the right people to help you.

We have many connections with doctors and medical providers in Springville and the surrounding areas. We can help direct you to people in and around Springville to treat you for your worker's compensation injuries. We know how to help you build the medical evidence necessary to support your claims to get a great result.

We proudly serve the Springville community. We call Springville home. Our families live in Springville, and we are proud of Springville heritage.

When Should I Call a Springville Worker's Compensation Attorney?

It is never too early to call for advice on your worker's compensation claim. If you have been denied benefits, then it is important that you call. Knowledge is power, and we can give you knowledge about how to best handle your worker's compensation case.

Many people are frustrated by getting the run around from their worker's compensation claims adjuster. Worker's compensation insurance companies are notorious for finding ways to deny worker' compensation coverage to injured workers. They will often look for pre-existing injuries and try to blame the injury on the pre-existing injury.

Worker's compensation claims adjuster sometimes accuse the injured worker of having injured themselves at home or somewhere else. They do this to deflect liability so they can use it as an excuse to deny worker's compensation benefits.

If you have experienced any problems with your worker's compensation insurance company, or if you think the worker's compensation insurance is looking for a way to deny your benefits, then call us today!

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We can answer your questions about worker's compensation benefits. If you have been denied coverage for your work injury, we can help you get the beneifts you deserve.