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Why Should I Hire a Spanish Fork Worker's Compensation Attorney?

Utah law requires employers to pay injured workers certain worker's compensation benefits. They include (1) lost wages, (2) medical expenses, and (3) permanent disability payments.  Not all of these benefits apply in every case, so it is important for you to find a lawyer who can answer your specific questions. Hiring a local attorney makes communicating with your worker's compensation attorney easier.

If you live in or around Spanish Fork, Utah, the Schriever Law Firm has top-rated worker's compensation attorneys who can answer your questions. We handle every aspect of your case from gathering the medical evidence necessary to support your injury claim to presenting your case to the Utah Labor Commission.

Why Choose the Schriever Law Firm to Help With Your Spanish Fork Worker's Compensation Case?

Not all Spanish Fork worker's compensation attorneys handle cases in the same way. The Schriever Law Firm has established processes and procedures to handle worker's compensation cases efficiently and effectively. You need a Spanish Fork worker's compensation attorney dedicated to helping you get all of the worker's compensation benefits you deserve. You can be confident that the worker's compensation attorneys at the Schriever Law Firm will work hard for you.

How Much Does it Cost to Talk to a Worker's Compensation Attorney in Spanish Fork?

The Schriever Law Firm offers free consultations for anyone who has questions about their work injury. We take Spanish Fork worker's compensation cases on a contingency fee basis meaning that we do not get paid until you get paid. If you have been denied worker's compensation benefits, you have nothing to lose by calling the Schriever Law Firm to schedule an appointment with an experienced Spanish Fork worker's compensation attorney.

Utah's Worker's Compensation System

In Utah, injured worker's are entitled to get medical care and be paid lost wages for any injury that occurs in the course and scope of their employment. It does not make a difference if the worker was at fault for the accident. Utah has a "no-fault" worker's compensation system.

This system was created as part of a bargain between employers and employees. Prior to the adoption of worker's compensation laws, Utah workers could only be compensated for work injuries if they proved that the employer was at fault for their accident. Employers were burdened by the number of lawsuits brought by injured workers, and many employees were not compensated because they lost their cases in court.

To solve both problems, the Utah legislature adopted a worker's compensation scheme that required employers to provide coverage for work injuries. And in exchange, the employees' worker's compensation benefits were limited in scope.

Under Utah's current worker's compensation system, injured workers may be entitled to the following types of coverage:

  • Medical Expenses necessary to treat work injuries
  • Total Temporary Disability benefits to cover lost wages when an employee is not able to work because of their injury
  • Partial Temporary Disability benefits to cover wages lost when an employee can work, but can not earn as much money due to the work injury
  • Permanent Partial Disabilty benefits for workers who are able to return to work after their injuries have healed, but who still have residual symptoms or work limitations
  • Permanent Total Disability benefits for workers who are not able to return to any work after their injuries have healed
  • Death Benefits paid to the injured worker's surviving spouse and/or children until the children reach age 18

The downside for many injured workers is that the coverages for lost wages and income are limited. This was part of the grand bargain made a long time ago.

The Utah Worker's Compensation Act is a long and complex statute. It outlines the worker's compensation benefits available to workers injured in Utah. Your Spanish Fork Worker's Compensation attorney will help you understand the law and get you the right benefits for your work injury.

Can I Get Worker's Compensation Benefits and Sue My Employer?

The answer to this question is no. Part of the worker's compensation system is that employers are immune from suit for workplace injuries. The only way an injured worker can be compensated is through the worker's compensation system. This is now as the "exclusive remedy" provision of the Utah Worker's Compensation Act.

If you have questions about what benefits you deserve, schedule an appointment to speak with a Spanish Fork worker's compensation attorney right away.

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