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If you were injured at work, you are likely entitled to worker's compensation benefits. If you live in the Provo are, the Schriever Law Firm can help you get the coverage to which you are entitled. We take great pride in helping people from Provo and Southern Utah County.

When it comes to worker's compensation claims, experience counts. Claims adjuster often deny claims for little to no reason at all. One of the primary questions we hear from new clients is, "Can they get away with that?"

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What Should a Provo Worker Do After Being Hurt at Work?

If you had a work accident that left you injured, you need to report the incident to your supervisor immediately. According to Utah's worker's compensation laws, all work injuries must be reported in order to initiate the worker's compensation process.

If you need emergency care, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital immediately. After your claim is initiated with the insurance company, they will have the right to send you to a doctor of their choosing for treatment. They will also be required to pay for your medical treatment.

What will happen after the insurance company is notified?

There is often a delay between the date of your injury and the time when you hear from the worker's compensation claims adjuster. That is normal. Your employer should let the insurance company know of your injury right away, but insurance companies are large bureaucracies and it takes them time to respond.

If your employer does not promptly report your claim, you should report it to the Utah Labor Commission. The Labor Commission will be able to confirm that your employer has worker's compensation insurance insurance. They also have the ability to require your employer to comply with insurance requirements if they have not already done so.

Should the injured worker talk with the worker's compensation adjuster?

Most insurance companies will have an insurance adjuster contact you within a day or so after you report your injury. That is part of their investigation of the claim. During that phone call, you can ask the adjuster to clarify your rights and responsibilities. It is important for you to communicate with the claims adjuster. If you do not respond to their requests, they may use the lack of communicaton as a reason to deny benefits.

The insurance company will ask you to sign a waiver or release of your medical records that you need to sign and send back. They will eventually be allowed to get your medical history to evaluate whether any pre-existing conditions contributed to your injury.

You will be entitled to get medical treatment for your work injury. You will also be entitled to compensation for your time off work and your mileage. If you are not receiving those benefits, you should call us or schedule an appointment to discuss your case.