Product Liability Lawsuits

People who have been injured because of a defective product need excellent legal representation. Product manufacturers have deep pockets and they fight hard to defend their reputation. Unfortunately, when product manufacturers cut corners, it is the product's end-user that pays the price. 

Defective product cases generally fall into three categories: (1) design defects; (2) manufacturing defects; and (3) failures to warn of hazardous conditions.  

The Schriever Law Firm accepts all thre types of product defect cases on a contingency fee basis.

Design Defect Cases

Some products, like knives, are inherently dangerous and can not be made completely safe.  However, product designers have a duty to make products that are as reasonably safe as they can be.  Manufacturers can avoid most hazards through careful design. 

When the design of  a product falls short, people get injured. We often see this in industrial equipment, automobile manufacturing, and household appliances. If you are curious about an injury you received while using some type of manufactured product, call us to find out if we can help! It will cost you nothing.

Manufacturing Defects

The second type of product defect case is a manufacturing defect. This means that the manufacturer did not build or assemble the product in the way it was suppoesed to be built.  Sometimes the materials themselves are defect.

We see this type of case most often in products that are built of plastic or metal. If the materials themselves contained flaws, then the product can break or become otherwise dangerous.

Failure to Warn

Almost every product liability case involves some type of failure to warn claim. Safe manufacturing practices require product developers to first design products that are safe. If the product can not be made 100% safe, the manufacturer should design guards or other safety features to prevent harm. And if it is not possible to use guards to make the product safe, the manufacturer must provide adequate warnings about the product. 

The purpose of the warnings is to make the end-user aware of the hazarad and the type of injury that it could cause. Unfortunately, there are far too many products that do not contain adequate warnings. This type of claim arises in the use of machinery, tools and industrial equipment. It also arises in cases of prescription drugs and/or hazardous chemicals.

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