Every decision you make in your divorce case will either make your life better or more difficult. Child custody, child support, alimony, property distribution, allocation of debts. These things all matter and it is important for you to get them right.

An extra $500 or $1,000 in alimony could be the difference between surviving a financial hardship or going bankrupt.  Don't take chances.  Get an advocate who will fight for you.

Consider the impact that increasing or decreasing child support by $100 per month can make. For a one year-old child, a $100 per month difference would be the equivalent of over $20,000 in child support payments over the child's lifetime. It makes sense to hire a lawyer to get the best result possible.

Don't take chances. Get it done right!

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Flat Fee Pricing

We offer flat fee pricing for most divorce and custody situations. This is game-changing. It makes hiring an attorney more affordable and easier than ever.

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Some things you should discuss with your divorce attorney:

  •  What can I do to protect my relationship with my children?
  •  How will I know if my child support is being calculated correctly?
  •  What is the likelihood that I or my spouse will have to pay alimony?
  •  What will happen with the equity we have in our home?
  •  Is it possible to divide pensions or retirements?
  •  What if my spouse refuses to cooperate with me on child custody issues?
  •  Which one of us will have primary physical custody? And how much parent-time will the other parent get?
  •  What will happen with our business after we are divorced?


We will fight to protect your most important relationships and your financial well-being. You don't have to go it alone. Leave it to Schriever, and let us guide you to the right result.

"I couldn't have worked with a more compassionate, personable, and levelheaded person. My situation was difficult and painful and Ryan helped reassure me that the decisions I was making were thought out and fair, and allowed me to take my time to ensure I felt right about the direction I was heading. Working with Ryan felt more like working with a friend than a lawyer. I feel lucky to have been put in contact with Ryan."

Ashley T.

"The ethical commitment and quality of service at the Schriever Law Firm was reminiscent of the quality of service that was offered in the law firm where I practiced. As a former lawyer, law professor, and law dean, I offer my highest recommendation for the firm. They provide quality service, great decency, and clearly have a command of the areas of law in which they practice."

Rodney S.

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