Brain Injuries and the Law

We help people with brain injuries resulting from accidents, including all minor and major traumatic brain injuries. Brain injuries range in severity from minor to major. The symtpoms can include everything from headaches and mild forgetfullness to full-blown cognitive dysfunction and personality changes. Brain injuries are very serious and should be treated differently than other type of personal injury claims.

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Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries (often called "TBIs") are categorized from minor to severe.  If you suffered a concussion then you have had a traumatic brain injury.  Many concussions are categorized as minor traumatic brain injuries, but the symptoms can still be very significant.

We frequently have clients who were involved in a motor vehicle accident or slip and fall who then complain about things like headaches, difficulty thinking, memory problems, attention deficits, and/or mood swings. Our clients often find that their cognitive symptoms are accompanied by fatigue, visual disturbances, poor concentration, dizziness, irritability, or feelings of depression.

Sometimes doctors miss the diagnosis of a minor traumatic brain injury, but they can correct the diagnosis upon further examination.

Severe traumatic brain injuries can result in very significant and permanent brain damage.  We have had clients who sustained lifelong deficits in cognitive function, concentration, impulsiveness, decreases in executive functioning, and significant memory loss.

Both minor and severe brain injuries can seriously affect people's activities of daily living. These type of injuries affect family relationships, jobs, schooling, and engagement in activities and hobbies.  Unfortunately, many medical doctors do not provide specific treatment for these symptoms and clients can become frustrated that their symptoms seem to go on and on.

We have helped direct many client to professionals who can offer them effective help for their brain injury.

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Diagnosis of Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries must be diagnosed by a medical doctor.  With moderate and severe brain injuries, the diagnosis is often very obvious. Such brain injuries cause prolonged loss of consciousness and significant memory deficit.

Minor traumatic brain injuries can be more difficult to diagnose, but that does not mean there was not a brain injury. The doctor will often rely on a CT or MRI image of your brain, but many minor traumatic brain injuries do not appear on CTs and MRIs.  In such cases, the doctor will look at other factors such as how the injury occurred, whether you sustained a loss of consciousness, whether you suffered from difficulties with concentration, or whether family members have observed you forgetting things you would normally remember.

The diagnosis can be aided by an evaluation from a neuropyschologist. Neuropsychology is a specialty of psychology that focuses on the neurological function of the brain and how that affects brain function. A neuropsychologist can perform a cognitive evaluation to identify the specific effects of a brain injury on cognitive function.

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Why Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

If you are seeking compensation for a traumatic brain injury, it is critical that you hire an experienced personal injury lawyer. A brain injury lawyer will help you obtain greater compensation because the lawyer has experience and knowledge specific to brain injuries.

People who suffer from brain injuries often have a difficult time explaining to others how much the injury has affected them. They are frustrated that they are having difficulty accomplishing routine tasks, but they find themselves unable to express the full scope of their issues. They may find that they are forgetting simple things, but others do not believe them because they appear to be "normal."

We have the expertise to help people with brain injuries receive fair compensation. We have achieved settlements in brain injury cases that are more than ten times the amount of medical expenses incurred by the injured person! We work with a network of medical doctors and neuropsychologists to make sure we have the right evidence and that it will be presented in the best light possible.  We understand what symptoms to look for, and we know how to express the frustration that our clients feel.

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