Child Custody and Parent-time

When parents divorce or separate, they must determine who will have the responsibility to be their children's primary custodian and how to allocate parent-time with the children on a week-in/week-out basis and with regards to holidays and school vacations.  Parents must also determine how to make decisions for their children and establish rules for dispute resolution, communication, and access to information regarding the children.

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Child Support

Each parent is obligated to help financially support his or her children.  Such financial support generally includes a monthly child support payment, the sharing of healthcare and medical expenses for minor children, and the sharing of child care of daycare expenses for the children.

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Alimony or Spousal Support

​Courts try to keep both divorcing spouses as close as possible to the financial standard of living they enjoyed during their marriage.  The reality is that divorce almost always lowers the standard of living both parties, and an award of alimony is meant to attempt to "equalize the financial pain" felt by both.

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Our Fees and Rates

We know legal fees for family law issues can be expensive.  Hiring the best legal counsel for you and your children should not depend on whether you can immediately pay a large retainer, which is why we offer flexible financing and payment options.  We also provide our services at standard flat fee rates so that you know exactly what your attorney's fees will be.  Click here for a schedule of our family law fees and rates.

Property and Debt Division

Financially separating from an ex-spouse can be daunting and complicated.  Utah law sets forth rules that courts must use to divide property and assign the payments of debts as part of a divorce.

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Few legal issues have a greater personal impact than those in the family law realm, whether it be determining custody of minor children, dividing marital assets accumulated over years of hard work, seeking protection from physical abuse or adopting a child into a family.  We understand that the legal process can be confusing and intimidating.  Our experienced attorneys partner with you to provide strong advocacy as well as expert advice and access to resources so that you can navigate the major life decisions in these complex legal areas.

Frequently Asked Questions about Divorce in Utah

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  • Can I get a divorce without hiring an attorney?
  • What if my spouse and I agree on all the issues and just want to do an "uncontested" divorce?
  • Can my spouse and I have joint custody of our children?
  • What happens at a divorce mediation?
  • Do I have to disclose all of my income and assets in the divorce?
  • Who gets to claim my children on income taxes after the divorce?
  • How long should I expect to have to pay alimony to my ex-spouse?
  • Do I need to be careful about what I post on the internet and social media?
  • Can I afford an attorney to represent me?

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